Sunday, November 22, 2009

Overheard on the Redline

Yesterday I was on the redline an had the lucky experience of listening in on the following conversation:

A girl, likely in her first year of college, is telling the young man she is with about her latest art projects. The conversation begins with the girls shock that the young man is 22-years-old because she thinks that he "totally looks a lot younger." She then get to talking about her art-making.
"We like have a critique every Wednesday. So I have to do something creative EVERY week. Like last week I made a portrait of Ann Coulter out of toothpicks and this week I have to do an audio recording. So like, I'm going to record myself in a confessional."
"So you are actually going to go to a confessional and record yourself."
"No...I just have to say that is what I did and record myself confessing something, like helping to kill someone."

There you have it my friends, art now.

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