Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Mythology of Worcester, Mass.

I have never been to Worcester, Massachusetts, but elevate this place, my grandfathers home town, to mythic proportions. One of my teachers recently described Worcester to me as being like another Gary, Indiana. I found that comparison very believable considering my grandfather would tell strangers on the street his life story beginning with, "I grew up a poor boy in Worcester, Massachusetts."
This Spring I will be working on my BFAW Thesis, tentatively a collection of poetry taking the form of a graphic novel. Part of my thesis will focus on "The Mythology of Worcester, Massachusetts".
Tonight I made an exciting discovery, a comic/cartoon drawn 70 years ago about my grandfather, a star athlete of Worcester.

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PS said...

Worcester is worth this treatment. I spent many a Christmas and a handful of summers in dear Worcester. My mom grew up there. My parents were married there. My grandfather died there. My grandmother died there.

I am excited about your project!